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Vannh Nettle Leaves Tea: Wild & Air-dried (25g)

Vannh Nettle Leaves Tea: Wild & Air-dried (25g)

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Wildcrafted Stinging Nettle Leaves Tea: Nature's Green Elixir from the Kumaon Hills

Indulge in the verdant embrace of the Kumaon hills with our Air-Dried Stinging Nettle Leaves Tea, a rejuvenating elixir plucked from the heart of nature in Uttrakhand. Harvested from the untamed meadows, these nettle leaves epitomize the essence of pristine wilderness and pure vitality.

** Pure Vitality, Unmatched Purity: Grown amidst the untouched landscapes and fresh mountain air of the Kumaon hills, our Stinging Nettle Leaves Tea is a tribute to nature's raw beauty. Free from pesticides and artificial additives, each leaf is air-dried to preserve its natural essence, ensuring every sip is a testament to purity.

** Green Energy in Every Cup: Infused with the essence of the Himalayan hills, this tea embodies the vitality of the wild. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, our Stinging Nettle Leaves Tea revitalizes your body, boosts your immune system, and nourishes your soul with each invigorating sip.

** Holistic Wellness in Nature's Embrace: Stinging nettle leaves are renowned for their holistic benefits. They support detoxification, aid in digestion, and promote vibrant skin. With every cup, experience the harmony between body and nature, as if the hills themselves have infused their energy into your tea.

** Ethical Farming, Earthly Harmony: We uphold the sanctity of nature through ethical farming practices, ensuring the preservation of the region's biodiversity. By choosing our Stinging Nettle Leaves Tea, you not only embrace wellness but also contribute to the conservation of the Kumaon hills.

** Brew Your Moment of Vitality: Infuse these wild nettle leaves in hot water, and let the vibrant green elixir awaken your senses. Whether you seek a burst of energy in the morning or a calming cup in the evening, our Stinging Nettle Leaves Tea is the embodiment of nature’s vitality in your teacup.

Elevate your tea experience with the essence of the Kumaon hills. Let the purity of wild stinging nettle leaves energize your day and rejuvenate your spirit.

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